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What a wonderful world.

wedding day photo of bouquet and hands showing rings

Time flies.

My husband and I were married 27 years ago this Friday. That’s just crazy. How can it be that long ago? It doesn’t seem possible. I mean, until you look at the pictures. Yikes. Perhaps it really has been that long. We looked so young! 

Heck, we were just kids back then. Sure, I was 25 and my husband was 26, but what did we know? We’ve come a long way since that crisp, sunny, autumn day in New England. 

We’ve truly been blessed. 

We’ve lived in six different houses, three different states, and two countries. And we’re still counting. We’ve watched our two boys grow into fine young men. We’ve provided furever homes to four four-foots, three of whom are still shedding all over the house.

We’ve both grown leaps and bounds professionally and had amazing work opportunities. Sure, there were some disappointments along the way, but we've been pretty lucky on the jobs front.

We have wonderful memories to hold onto and are patiently (well, mostly) awaiting the next phase, when we’re able to retire and move to our happy place: Plum Island, Massachusetts. House number seven is already waiting for us in state number four.

So much to be thankful for as we celebrate another year together. And so much to look forward to.

Happy anniversary to my very best friend!

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