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Add it to the list!

We just returned from a week in New England. Our first stop was a visit with my in-laws, who live in Maine. They’ve got a 150-year-old farm-house, with a big old barn, a couple out-buildings, and all kinds of fun stuff to photograph! 

weathered clothes pins on clothesline

For starters, every time I visit, I take dozens of photos of the weathered clothespins clamped onto the clothesline that hangs on their side porch. It’s the patterns—the handles flying out in all directions.

It’s different every time and I can’t help myself. Every time I look at them I see a different angle that must be captured!

purple bluebell bellflowers

Once I drag myself off the porch, there's no shortage of subjects around the yard.

Winter, spring, summer, fall; doesn’t matter. There’s always something that sparks my interest. Early August, you can definitely expect wild thistle and Queen Anne’s Lace. I have a lovely collection of pictures of both.

We've managed to miss the lupins’ peak bloom every time we've visited, but there were two hold-outs this year. Just makes me want to see them at peak!

I did find a new obsession this visit. A sweet stand of bluebell bellflowers right up next to the house! My favorite purple and green combo! You can expect to see those sneak into my Etsy shop at some point!

globe thistle flowers

Even trips into nearby Belfast usually result in some fun shots. Boats in the Harbor, decorative colorful lobster trap buoys, and of course, the sweet flowers planted around town—it's so pretty.This year I was drawn to the globe thistle and poppies! 

As you can tell, my usual spots didn't disappoint!

But, oh, what a treat we discovered! Only about 20 minutes away in Camden: The Endless Summer Flower Farm!

This gorgeous garden is filled with beautiful dahlias. So many sizes. So many colors! They grow over 150 varieties and sell the flowers locally to florists and for weddings and the like. They even have a sweet little self-serve roadside flower cart. But don’t worry! If you’re not able to make it to Maine, they also sell tubers online. 

Should you do find yourself in or around Camden, they gladly welcome visitors to the garden. Even visitors who arrive 10 minutes before their posted open time of 9 am! [Thanks, Phil and Karen, for letting us get a head start among your beauties!]

I can't come close to describing what it's like, so I'll just let the flowers speak for themselves!

Clearly you need to add this special spot to your itinerary the next time you’re wandering around mid-coast Maine. I know I'll be going back!

Visit the Endless Summer Flower Farm website for all the details.


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