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About Me


Hey there! I'm Anne.

A few years ago, with 30 years of cultivating strong business relationships under my belt, I decided to ditch the 9-to-5 job to do something I love.

Sure, it took 52 years, but I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!

I've extensively photographed my own family's story, so lifestyle photography was a natural place to start. What an honor it is to document someone else's history and capture memories they can cherish for years to come. And while I still love to sneak a session or two in each season, I found that I'm most fond of photographing nature. Flowers and all things botanical; waves, fountains and all things water! Couple that with an oddly persistent love of stationery, and my Etsy shop AnneCorcoranStudio was born!

I'm back working full-time and peddling my Etsy wares when I'm off the clock. It's been a fantastic creative outlet and I've been thrilled with the response. As I type this, my shop's second anniversary is looming and I've already had more than 200 sales. The perfect pace.

I've been telling stories with photographs since I was 9. But above and beyond my extensive library of albums, photo boxes, and online galleries:

  • I live in the DC area, but I’m a New Englander at heart; I drink iced coffee year round and don't consider it a storm unless we get at least a foot of snow.

  • I actually look forward to joining the masses at the Tidal Basin every year when the Cherry Blossoms are at peak bloom. They're my favorite part of living here!

  • I used to drink red wine from baby bottles—relax, it was after I turned 21.

  • I love to hear laughter; bonus points when it's something I've said or done that is the impetus. Well, aside from that throw-rug incident….

  • I ran track in high school. After a 30 year hiatus, I started running again a few years ago and discovered that I still hate it. Runner's high? Yeah, not so much.

  • I’ve been married to my best friend since 1991—he's the best of the best, a true keeper. Even if he does love running. 

  • I’ve watched my two boyos grow into fine young men. They genuinely enjoy each other and I genuinely enjoy their banter.

  • I share my home office with three four-foots—Casco (Cassie to her friends), a crotchety feline of a certain age and her new house-mates, kittens Langley and Quantico. And I desperately miss our sweet rescue German Shepherd crossed the rainbow bridge in early spring 2020.

  • I’m a dedicated Francophile; I even sent my boys to a K-8 French immersion school. They exacted their revenge each year at science project time.

  • I am obsessed with stationery. I used to spend hours creating letterhead, notecards, and invitations in PageMaker—yeah, I know, the kids are all using InDesign these days. Check out my shop to browse through my contribution to the world of stationery: note cards and calendars featuring some of my favorite photographs.  


But, enough about me! 

Tell me about you:

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