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What can you say? Note card writing prompts for when you’re drawing a blank.

Updated: Apr 8

I love the immediacy of an email and hey, even better, a text—can’t beat seeing those three dots bouncing as someone is crafting their response. I definitely worship technology, but I have to admit, hand-written notes really are special. Someone taking the time to choose the right stationery, find a pen (one that actually works), draft a message, address the envelope, get a stamp and drop it in the mail? Wow. Talk about making an effort! Finding a hand-written note in my mailbox always brings a smile to my face. You have to love happy mail!

I started selling note cards with my photography because I love stationery. It's been really inspiring to hear how some of my customers plan to use the cards they buy. Personally, I'm a "stock up on stationery for a rainy day" kind of person. Well, April showers and all … this is a great month to dig into that stash and send a card.

Here's why: April is National Card and Letter Writing Month! Just the nudge I need to be the reason someone smiles at the mailbox. But here’s the thing—while I’m famous for being overly wordy in electronic communications, I tend to draw a blank when putting pen to paper. Anyone else? 

Because I needed my own motivation, I've compiled some thoughts on how to put my stash of cards to use. Perhaps the following ideas will inspire you!

Who should I write?

  • A friend—send them a thank you note just for being your friend. 

  • A relative—share your favorite (or your first) memory of them.

  • Someone going through a difficult time—send them a message of encouragement.

  • Someone you admire—send a note to tell them

  • Your favorite teacher—tell them how they inspired you.

  • Someone with young children—tell them what a great job they’re doing.

  • A colleague—tell them how much you enjoy working with them

  • A pen pal—if you don’t already have one, sign-up for one and introduce yourself.

  • A child in your life—send them a silly “dad joke,” a riddle or even some stickers to make them smile.

  • Yourself—write a list all the things you want to do by the end of the year—then put it aside and open it on New Year’s Eve!

What should I write?

  • Tell a funny story about your kids or pets … or your spouse. 😋

  • Write a poem or a haiku.

  • Share your favorite inspirational quote and why it speaks to you.

  • Celebrate a recent personal or professional accomplishment—yours or theirs!

  • Send a favorite recipe and where it came from.

  • Craft an acrostic poem using the recipient’s first name.

  • Share a happy memory.

  • Share a personal or professional update. 

  • Ask a question you’ve always wanted to ask.

The above should give me (and maybe even you) a place to start.

Do you have a fun way you'll be celebrating National Card and Letter Writing Month? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

Hope you get some happy mail!

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