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We're in business!

Laptop and iPhone displaying the Anne Corcoran Photography landing page.


It’s official now. 

My website is live. I’m ordering business cards. I’ve started building on an online gallery to sell prints. And yes, Maryland My Maryland, I have my ducks in a row: I have registered my trade name and established my tax accounts. I even have a trader’s license in the hopes that I will in fact sell some prints now and again.

Guess I’m in business!

I’ve already done a few lifestyle portrait sessions, and have a few more in the works. But mostly I’ll be focusing on personal brand photography. I still have some hoops to jump through on that front, but take a look at my landing page and let me know if you know any entrepreneurs you think might be interested in my services! I hope to be ready to book clients by September.

Scary, but exciting days ahead, so stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Anne - a fabulous page and blog! So proud of you.

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