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Bursting with color.

Hello, fall! 

I’m SO ready for it. It’s my favorite time of year. I’ve always been partial to fall, but having lived in the DC area for the bulk of the last 27 years, it’s even more of a draw for me now. I live for the time when the heat and humidity give way to cooler weather. Flannel shirts and sweaters. Yes! I’m ready!

Sure, I love the wardrobe options, but honestly, my thing with fall is more about the leaves changing. I mean, come on—those colors! Even getting bogged down in traffic on the Beltway seems less painful. Depending on where you’re stuck, of course. Oddly, you can find some of the most beautiful swaths of color alongside exit ramps! Go figure.

View of Rock Creek Park's Rapids Bridge from the river.

One of the best places to leaf peep in DC has to be Rock Creek Park. Since I’ve been in this area so long, you would think that I would’ve been taking advantage of its awesomeness along. But alas, not so! Last year was the first time I did more than drive through. For the first time, we parked the car and explored on foot. 

The waterfall at Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park.

In fact, I took my first, non-family member photos there last fall and wow—what a setting! My husband and I explored the area a week or so in advance to scout locations. We trekked from Peirce Mill to Rapids Bridge, and yet, only saw a tiny fraction of the vastness of this particular national park.

Colorful leaves on and around Rapids Bridge in Rock Creek Park.

As you can see from the pictures, we timed our visit well. Smack in the middle of a canvas of fall colors. Seriously amazing. Because I'm so eager for this year's fall color, I’m featuring more of the pictures from our scouting expedition on Instagram this week. Check it out—you’ll find me there at @annecorcoranphotography

If you haven’t visited Rock Creek Park, you simply must add it to your list. Find out all about it on their National Park Service website

Much to my dismay, due to construction on Beach Drive, and probably a little map reading error thrown in, we weren’t able to get to Boulder Bridge last year. That’s my goal for this fall! Planning to drag my boyos there when the fall colors are out and about. Stay tuned for that story in an upcoming post!

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