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They've got my back!

This whole career-change-slash-starting-a-business thing is overwhelming. Heck, in my previous life, whenever someone suggested I go into management, my response was “I’m a happy being a follower; don’t want to be a leader.” And now here I am managing my own business. 

It’s definitely a scary new territory for me. I never would’ve had the courage to take this step without my main support system: My family. 

My husband has humored me over the years, but I know he’s frustrated by the number of disused cameras stashed away around the house. Oh, and the camera bags—I have a thing for them. He definitely doesn’t get it.  

As you would expect, my boys—now 22 and 18—grew up in front of my camera. They mostly tolerate being my favorite subjects. I choose to believe that they secretly enjoy our annual holiday photo shoot. But, I’ll hedge my bet each year by swinging by Dunkin' Donuts en route. 

All three of my guys have come to realize that photography isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s a lifestyle. I didn’t really give them much choice but to put up with me over the years. 

But now? They’re 100% encouraging me to take a leap of faith and turn my hobby into something more. 

Yes, it’s overwhelming, but gosh it feels good to know they’ve got my back.

I just hope I can make them proud!

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