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Product Feature: Sun-Kissed Whiskers Print

I recently updated my Etsy shop listings to include several prints from my “Wild Ponies” collection. There will likely be more to come, but I thought I’d go ahead and feature one of my favorite shots from that set … my Sun-Kissed Whiskers print.

If you haven’t already read my post about having been to see the Chincoteague Pony Swim with my friend Kandi, definitely take a few minutes to read that to set the stage.

Kandi and I lucked out on several fronts that trip. Not the least of which was literally stumbling (in the pitch dark) upon the most perfect vantage point. It wasn’t until the sun came cup that we realized how lucky we really were, perched right behind the marshy area where the ponies would rest after their swim across Assateague channel. We were mere yards from the action and antics. 

I was overwhelmed trying to take it all in, capture some great shots, and avoid the dueling stallions. They rightfully didn’t care that the slatted fence provided little protection to those of us watching their battles for dominance.

Thankfully, I had Kandi with me. An extremely talented photographer in her own right, she spent the better part of the hour just taking it all in … I’m not even sure she had her camera with her. But her photographer’s eye was ever watchful and she spied the sunlight hitting just the right spot. As was her nature, Kandi ordered me to take the shot. I didn't always follow her direction—mostly because I knew it riled her up when I didn't—but I'm sure glad I did on this particular occasion.

It worked out quite well for me, actually. I earned my very first ever photo contest ribbon for this shot. It was a fourth place ribbon, but nevertheless ... it put me on the board! And when I posted my grand achievement on social media, Kandi called dibs on half the ribbon. Which was only right.

Sadly Kandi passed away only a few months after our Chincoteague expedition. I’m so thankful that we dropped everything for that quick overnight jaunt. And that I have pictures like this one to remind me of our friendship.

Kandi was one of my biggest supporters when it came to my photography. I like to think she'd be proud that the shot she orchestrated is now available in my Etsy shop. Though, she would likely ask for a commission on any sales.

You'll find Sun-Kissed Whiskers in two of my current AnneCorcoranStudio listings:

My Etsy listings are for unframed fine-art photo prints, but I've also got you covered if you're looking for a canvas wrap or metal print. You’ll find Sun-Kissed Whiskers and several of my other wild pony shots in my print gallery's Pony Swim album

I’ll be sharing more stories behind my Etsy items in the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more about my offerings and being alerted to new items, special offers, discounts and freebies, be sure to join my email list! You’ll get a free download just for signing up!

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